About Us


Infinity Institute of Technical and Wave Analysis Pvt Ltd. (IITWA) is incorporated in Sep. 2014. IITWA have a team of analyst, devoted over 10 years for trading/investing strategies and Wave forecasting to achieve goal of real time gain by applying knowledge NEoWave, Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

Our trading system is combination of:

  • Trading Psychology - Our Psychological Management Techniques are unique and for many students these techniques proved carrier oriented.
  • NEO Wave Analysis - It is the Logical and Step-By-Step Assessment of Market Structure for Accurate Forecasting as well Trading.
  • DPB-The Contrary Trading System and Trading Setups - Our research 'DPB' gives great trading setups, which allow entering in trade with calculated Lower Risk and High Gains.
  • Money Management - Our Money Management Rules have an emphasis on Trading Capital Preservation.
  • Technical Analysis as well Fundamental Analysis
All these facts make us good Training Institute, Advisory Companyand Trade Managing Company.


To provide opportunities of making big money for people, who want to be SELF MADE BILLIONER.

At Stock, Commodity and Currency market, all comes to find an opportunity because want to make self - SELF MADE MILLIONER. Everyone is guessing about the Direction of Trend but unfortunately fails to make big money. Because trading success is not only about guessing a Direction of Trend but also includes clubbing of...

                        - Trading Psychology
                                        - Synchronization in between conscious part of Academic Knowledge and Sub-consious part of Financial wisdom.
                        - Analysis
                                        - Forecasting Analysis
                                        - Trend Following Analysis
                        - Trading Techniques
                                        - Trading Set-ups
                                        - Trading Tools and Indicators
                        - Risk Management
Normally Trader/Investor makes mistake to focus; only Direction of Trend by ignoring more imortant other factiors and waste lots of money and time behind it. Mission of iitwa.com is make you more informed about 
Direction of Trend, Price Magnitude, Complexity of Market, Risk Control and more, to provide more edge to your trading and investing. Our economy services are designed as per what self made millioners needed. All in all our goal is offer you best service and help you to make Big Money.